Welcome to Our New Members

Recently many parents of our members have been joining and becoming members themselves. We would like to encourage many more parents to become a member. Parents who have joined and actively do karate with their child state that it has made improvements not only to life at work but as well as life at home.

An active parent wanted to help in educating other parents about her experience in doing karate with their kids and how it has helped her and her family. here is her message to other parents.

“Parent to parent message:  Parents, for over 2 years, I would watch my children do karate and wonder why they didn’t quickly grasp Sensei’s teachings, demonstrations, and instructions.  Sometimes, I would hear them say, “…but you don’t know what it’s like.”  And my kids were right…I didn’t know.  After joining, I fully admit that I was wrong; watching is not the same as doing.  While my brain thought one way, my body refused to cooperate, until one day, the upper and lower body as well as the left and right sides began to respond.  Without realizing it, my brain was getting “smarter” which was more than I ever experienced doing cardio (with or without equipment), weights, or anything else that was the latest hype advertised.  Other benefits started to appear.  I stayed in shape because karate involves strength, cardio, flexibility, and agility – all difficult to get as we grow older, especially for women, full-time working moms, or when we are pressed for time.  I started to incorporate karate lessons into other aspects of my life – in my work, interacting with others, at home, etc.  At home, we were bonding through karate – sharing what we learned, reviewing lessons, applying lessons to other parts of our lives.  The experience has humbled me and allowed me to show my children that it is never too late to learn something new, persevere, be okay with failures and learning how to succeed, and overcome my own self-imposed mental and physical challenges.  I have forged new friendships with other adults like me.  I thought that I was relating to my children by taking them to karate, asking them how it went, reinforcing (verbally) Sensei’s lessons; however, I was passively part of my children’s lives…a mere bystander.  If you want to BE part of your child’s life, ACTIVELY JOIN THEM IN THE JOURNEY…do karate…side-by-side!”