Kan-Geiko 2021

  • Kan-Geiko – Starting Monday January 18 – Saturday January 23
    • Monday – 24 Members
    • Tuesday – 36 Members
    • Wednesday – 33 Members
    • Thursday – 38 Members 
    • Friday – 45 Members
    • Saturday – 41 Members 

Thank you to all Participants!

This Kan-Geiko will be slightly different this year.

 Kan-Geiko will occur Monday January 18th – Saturday January 23rd, following the current schedule (Mon-Fri 6pm, Sat 9am).  

    Fee for this event will be waived.  Please note: In the past Sensei has waived Clinic fee for those with perfect attendance, however, this year Clinic fee will not be waived.  

    Those with perfect attendance (6-days) will also earn a Kan-Geiko certificate, hand-written by Sensei Nagatomo, representing 2021 Theme:  
    No Regrets.  

This event is open to All Belts/All Ages.