What we did in class

1/2021 Therapy Band

Classes have been centered around building physical and mental strength.

By introducing the theory band into our training we are learning how to build our small muscle group.

If you can recall we have done many different types of training already.

  • Basic Movement
  • Kata
  • Holding the band in front
  • Holding the band behind
  • Balance practice

Fitness Watch

This has been Helping members to

  • Track heart rate
  • Track Calories burned during Karate practice

Many benefits have already been discovered with the use of the fitness watch and therapy band, primarily: the encouragement to train with greater intensity and determination.

3/3/2017 Organize & Pattern

If you want to know more of it, please come to a class!

Organize your karate techniques. First, make a check list (your karate note) then check the list before you do it.

There is a same pattern. When you will find the same pattern and apply it to similar situations.

To learn a pattern, do Team kata with someone who is better than you are.

Team Kata is a patterns of organization of karate techniques. Find other team mates' patterns and apply it.

Organized team kata is like a marching band. They know exactly the patterns. Therefore, music is patters of organization.

A pattern become a habit, in a good way and bad way. Learn a good pattern and make it as a habit.

Organization sof karate are like files. A file has some contents. Each file needs a name or number to remembering later. When you organize your contents with different colors, it is easier to find it later.

The Karate is the same.

2/18/2017 NMKA Clinic
自由一本組手 Semi free sparring
Attacker & Blocker

5 W 1 H: When, Where, Who, What, Why, and How.

Best chance to attack: When he/she does not know.
Close distance.
Trick him/her.


Best way to defense: let him/her attack 5 W 1 H
Close the distance.
Trick him/her.

Who should you attack?
Why should you attack him/her? Because he/she is the weakest, strongest, smallest, tallest, lightest, heaviest etc...(when you are attacked in a group).
When should you attack?
Blocker: counter attack
Where should you attack?
Attacker: Finding an opening
Blocker: showing an opening
How should you attack?
100% attack. Never 50% attack 50% defense
What should you attack with?
Attacker: Oizuki Jodan & Chudan.
Blocker: Gyakuzuki because most of time it works.
Why should you attack with the technique? Because the technique is your best technique.


  • Motivations: Do not think first, first you need to act. A mom will not think, "Do I need to make dinner tonight?" She does no matter what, because children need to be fed.
  • Karate is like cooking. You know how to cook your favorite food. It is the process to make it better. Karate is the same, when you know how to do it, it becomes your favorite.


  • Using space: Find the best spot to practice.
  • Kumite: Sense energy. Inviting, Avoiding not Escaping.

2/5/2017 Forgetting curve

When you do not review a class, after one week, you will forget almost 90% of what you learned.
When you review what you learned 10 minutes after class, you are able to recall what you learned.
When you do a second review that night, you can remember it a lot more.
Then, after a third review, you can remember a majority of what you learned.

Write down what you learned after the first review, for the second review study what you wrote down(first review) for five minutes, and for the third review you must read the notes for another five minutes. This allows you to remember what you learned clearly.

2/5/2017 Good remembering supports

When you want to memorize or remember something, you need a good memorizing and/or remembering support.
The support could be a feeling, a smell, a sound, or an object etc.
You can memorize or remember any subject using a support that you create.

1/25/2017 Do not be literally 

Do not be literally, be a visually. A picture worth a thousand words.

"I saw a man on the hill with a telescope. " has 5 different meanings.

  • I saw a man. The man was on the hill. I was using a telescope.
  • I saw a man. I was on the hill. I was using a telescope.
  • I saw a man. The man was on the hill. THe hill had a telescope.
  • I saw a man. I was on the hill. The hill had a telescope.
  • I saw a man. The man was o no the hill. I saw him using a telescope.

1/7/2017 Rhythm punches

Shizen-Tai: One, two, punch(left) and four, five, punch(right).
Zenkutsu-Dachi: One, two, front and four, five, back (Punch &/or kick).

1/7/2017 Kumite 101-105

Kumite 101: Without moving front foot.
Kumite 201: Move front foot a little, to steal distance.
Kumite 301: Move both feet. Front foot first then back foot.
Kumite 401: Kumite 101-301 with different attack(s) or counter attack(s).
Kumite 501: Kumite 101-401 in different directions.