Organize & Pattern

If you want to know more of it, please  come to a class!

Organize your karate techniques. First, make a check list (your karate note) then check the list before you do it.

There is a same pattern.  When you will find the same pattern and apply it to similar situations.

To learn a pattern, do Team kata with someone who is better than you are.

Team Kata is a patterns of organization of karate techniques.  Find other team mates’ patterns and apply it.

Organized team kata is like a marching band. They know exactly the patterns. Therefore, music is patters of organization.

A pattern become a habit, in a good way and bad way. Learn a good pattern and make it as a habit.

Organization of karate are like files. A file has some contents. Each file needs a name or number to remembering later.  When you organize your contents with different colors, it is easier to find it later.

The Karate is the same.

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