Testing Registration Forms

Forms must be typed for clarity. The MS WORD format can be edited for each applicant

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All members, please print out 3 each Testing Forms copies, for one for you, one for your Sensei and One for NMKA office.


Testing Forms

  1. Request for Dan Registration - PDF
  2. Request for Dan & Qualification Test(s) Click Here - MS Word
  3. Request for Dan Registration Click Here - MS Word
  4. Request for Qualification Registration Click Here - MS Word
  5. Examiner’s Record Click Here - MS Word

* * * Important Note * * *

Members can neither test nor register for Dan or Qualifications without a valid JKA/WF America Passport.

Request Forms for Dan & Qualifications Test(s)" must be sent two (2) months before the testing date.

JKA/WF America members desirous of taking 5 Dan Test must submit a technical research report to JKA/WF America at least two (2) months before the test.

The report must be typed on standard stationary (8 1/2" x 11") and should be at least five pages including a cover page.

All Dan, Qualification and Renewal Registration Forms must include their respective registration fees.