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Kinder Karate informations

For Class Schedule please see “Schedule” page or call us! 505-256-0700

August  Activity: Beach Ball 

Children need to learn follow the dots, the class will be conducted in the Dojo with exercises using a beach ball.

Please remember to bring your own beach ball.

Next month activity

September Activity: Throwing Baseballs


We teach your child:

How to see, When to see and What to see.

Preview, View and Review.

Motivation, Demonstration, Explanation, Imitation and Repetition.

This kinder karate class required a parent to help and to do with his/her own child.  You are the best teacher for your own child. So you can learn to help your own child’s needs anytime.


Yearly Activity Schedule

January = Mat Exercise

February = Beach Ball

March = Soft cushion Baseball

April = Soft cushion Baseball Bat

May = Soccer Ball

June = Jump rope

July = Mat exercise

August = Beach Ball

September = Soft cushion Baseball

October = Soft cushion Baseball bat

November = Soccer Ball

December = Jump Rope