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Kinder Karate informations

Class Schedule please see “Schedule” page or call us! 505-256-0700


September Activity: How to Throw

In September, We teach kids how to throw.

Children need to learn how to see when to see and what to see, the class will be conducted in Dojo with exercise a soft cushion ball.

This month, please bring your own a small cushion ball.

Next month activity:

September activity will be how to throw a ball.

In September, please bring your own a small cushion ball.


We teach your child:

How to see, When to see and What to see.

Preview, View and Review.

Motivation, Demonstration, Explanation, Imitation and Repetition.

This kinder karate class required a parent to help and to do with his/her own child.  You are the best teacher for your own child. So you can learn to help your own child’s needs anytime.


Yearly Activity Schedule

January = Mat Exercise

February = Beach Ball

March = Soft cushion Baseball

April = Soft cushion Baseball Bat

May = Soccer Ball

June = Jump rope

July = Mat exercise

August = Beach Ball

September = Soft cushion Baseball

October = Soft cushion Baseball bat

November = Soccer Ball

December = Jump Rope