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JKA America tournament in Louisiana

JAPAN KARATE ASSOCIATION / AMERICAN FEDERATION, INC. 706 C PHOSPHOR AVENUE, METAIRIE, LA  70005 USA – Phone / Fax (504) 835-6825 September 11, 2017 Dear Mr. Nagatomo, I would like to invite you and the JKA/WF America to our 2017 Annual JKA American Federation Nationals and Collegiate Goodwill Tournament. This year our tournament will take […]


Organize & Pattern

If you want to know more of it, please  come to a class! Organize your karate techniques. First, make a check list (your karate note) then check the list before you do it. There is a same pattern.  When you will find the same pattern and apply it to similar situations. To learn a pattern, […]